QUADRICA is a company with intuitive solutions for displaying, managing and analyzing data from 3D laser scans or photo shooting campaigns.

With its leading MySurvey tool, QUADRICA has been able to bring together a technical team, Federated around a start-up spirit.

Experts in space for imaging, geomatics for topography, video games for response times, all these skills allow to propose applications and software immediately responding to operational needs.

Key dates of Quadrica

During 2014

10 client witnesses, coming from various sectors such as energy, oil or industries, have been audited for the drafting of the specifications of what will become MySurvey

At the end of 2014

The first phase of development begins, with the release of proof of concept MySurvey

At the beginning of 2015

MySurvey goes beta ! This is the moment when it starts to spread to a few selected customers


Urbica, the company behind the MySurvey project, wins the 3rd prize of the Digital challenge Trophy Of The Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Seine-et-Marne.

March 2016

The company Quadrica is created, and MySurvey finally flies on its own !

September 2016

Team of 6 people

October 2016

The first user club is set up, and allows the Quadrica team to consolidate its links with MySurvey users.

End of 2016

55 scans have been converted

March 2017

EDF confirms its interest in MySurvey and begins its deployment in its teams

May 2017

Quadrica and Dassault systemes begin technical exchanges for system compatibility

August 2017

The team now has 8 people

September 2017

Quadrica realizes € 450,000 in revenue and earns its first profit

October 2017

Quadrica obtains the status of innovative start-up company

End of 2017

More than 10,000 scans were converted in 2017, covering nearly 30 projects

March 2018

The 2nd users Club is organized, with many proof of concepts unveiled on this occasion.

June 2018

Quadrica is present at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in Villepinte

June 2018

Discussions for the integration of MySurvey with SAP are initiated.

July 2018

The team is growing and now has 11 people

January 2019

First immersion of MySurvey into Virtual Reality

April 2019

Presence at the Hannover Messe

May 2019

Presence at the VivaTech fair

April 2020

Presence at the Laval Virtual fair

Our clients

Dialogue, trust and expertise are the key words in our collaborations.

The board

Bernard CHAYLA
Bernard CHAYLA
>François-Xavier EECKMAN
François-Xavier EECKMAN
General Director
Sales Director
Frédéric BERNARD
Frédéric BERNARD
echnical Director
Software Architect